Realizing Your Best Self

A 6-Month Positive Vibes Online Women's Circle | taught by Terri Altschul

Course description


"Female friendships that work are relationships in which women help each other belong to themselves."

--Louise Berkinow




Could you benefit from an engaged, supportive, positive-vibes only,

group of women who want YOU to be the best YOU possible?

Are you ready to raise your self-awareness, develop more self-care, and show compassion to ALL parts of yourself and others?

In REALIZING YOUR BEST SELF we come together in a Women Connected Coaching Circle - a small, GLOBAL, cross-generational, sacred gathering of women.

We have been created to realize the true nature of existence through our consciousness. The journeys in REALIZING YOUR BEST SELF help you unlayer, reconnect, and realize the true nature within you.

As we unlayer, we heal the stories and the woundings of our lives so that you can experience true freedom for social pressure, released from internal and external judgments, and letting go of attachments to ideas of "who you ought to be" instead of who you really are.

Each month we go on a new journey and delve into another aspect of ourselves. Through each cycle of a new journey, we practice the skills of transitions by allowing the unconscious to reveal itself, healing our woundings, integrating the lessons, and embracing new realizations and freedoms.

Throughout the program, we have intentional, purposeful conversations and the voice of each woman is held as sacred as we offer our encouragement, ideas, and personal stories. You will practice self-care and prioritize self-love. You will be mirrored, seen and heard (deeply important human needs) and be supported throughout the program by the Women of your Circle, Terri, and Russ.


Circle work is very different from a training course. A training course teaches you new knowledge or skills.

In Circle work, we both introduce new skills and knowledge AND we take a coaching approach. We provide you with creative tools to help you know yourself in a new way. We help you see hidden beliefs, internal and external roadblocks that are getting in your way. We support you to design an environment that reinforces the changes you want to bring forward. We work in the context of deeply engaged conversations which venture fearlessly into profound subjects. Through the support of Terri and Russ and your Circle of women, you will manifest change faster than if you were trying to do this alone. And, most importantly, we help you to arrive at YOUR own answers for YOUR life and YOUR Best Self.

All along the way, Terri and Russ (both skillful and experienced coaches) provide guidance, encouragement, feedback, and support for your personal breakthroughs.

Circle work creates a space of unconditional acceptance where learning, growth and transformation occur naturally.

We do all of this online, from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.


During each of the six months, we begin a new module/topic. These topics are organized in the Women Connected School portal where you will dive into creative and experiential activities through Circle Accelerators.

Prior to the Live Circle Gathering: At the end of the previous topic, the new module is released is in your program portal. It contains the self-work that you will do during the month prior to coming together for the Live Gathering. Self-work includes a variety of right and left brain activities where you will journal and also work with images.

During the Live Circle Gathering: The Live Gathering is the culmination of the self-work done through the month. Here we meet on webcams and work in a Circle fashion. Our Circle time is filled with intention, purpose, and respect for the Circle process and members. Each Circle is a sacred setting that opens with meditation and intention setting.

More than half the time on a Live Gathering is spent as each woman then shares her work and her insights and questions from the Circle Accelerators.

Each Circle is closed with a meditation, poem, or mindfulness practice.

After the Live Circle Gathering: To fully integrate the learnings from the Circle, each topic has Journal work to complete the process.


  1. 7 modules and accompanying journals of creative exercises, journal prompts, and space for your own unique expression.
  2. 7, 90-minute Live Gatherings corresponding to the monthly module where you will have the opportunity to share your insights and learn from the insights of the other women in the Circle.
  3. Each month you will delve into a new topic and unlayer another part of your best self.
  4. Regular interaction with Terri and Russ (our Mindfulness teacher!)
  5. Private Facebook Community for discussions and sharing.

You can expect to make profound changes when committed to the processes of Women Connected Circles.

Terri Altschul
Terri Altschul
Founder Women Connected & ICF Professional Certified Coach

Hi, I'm Terri Altschul, Founder of

I am a transformational coach supporting women going through change and transition.

As women, we experience distinct stages of our lives that are driven by our female biology and bodies. Each of these stages has a beginning, a middle, and an end and is a major milestone. Within each stage, we can also experience many changes and developmental milestones.  And, transitioning from one stage to the next is an ending and a kind of death.

Navigating these stages, accepting what is ending and embracing what is new, opens the door to many possibilities within our lives.

Yet, often we get stuck along the way.  You may be at a career crossroads and not know which way to turn.  You may want to be home with your children but your family needs the income you can provide.  You may be dealing with illness and feeling like time is standing still as this becomes the focal point of your life. 

When working through change and transitions, continuing to move through becomes key.  We do this by looking within, understanding our fear and resistance, noticing what we have outgrown, healing our wounded parts, and embracing our new realities.  We call this “The Heroine’s Journey”

With the support of coaching and the tools offered at Women Connected, you will have a roadmap for the changes of your life, you will acquire tools that will help as you continue to grow and evolve, and will be supported by a coach who cares deeply for you and the changes you are navigating.

I use many creative approaches in my coaching ranging from deep holding space, to powerful conversations, to incorporating art. 

My particular brand of 'medicine' is to deeply hear you, to see you, and reflect this back so that you may see your own light.

Whether I am coaching with you or leading a group program, I am here to hold space for you and to be a witness to your journey, to support you when life throws the inevitable curveballs, and to offer inquiries that take you just a little deeper - just a little further than you thought possible.  I have been many of my own Heroine’s Journeys and am here to be your guide as you as you navigate change and transition in your life.

I look forward to working with you!

With love,


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