The Feminine Shadow

A 2-day Creative Retreat | taught by Terri Altschul

Course description

Are you ready to own all of you who are and live in alignment with your deepest truths?

Art Journaling, Meditations, Creative Exercises and Celebration as we Integrate our Feminine Shadow

Our FIRST Annual Women Connected Retreat is a sacred journey into our greatest personal mystery - our Feminine Shadow.

So many of the women I meet through our Women Connected programs are looking for ways to fully express themselves.  They often have a sense that they have more to offer, yet are aware that something is holding them back.  But how you uncover what is holding you back in a way that is transformational and brings lasting change.

I've spent the last several years learning about my own shadow.  The shadow is not dark or "negative" as malign but rather dark as in "not yet illuminated".  It is comprised of everything we don't want to face.  That is all that we have rejected, denied, disowned, or repressed.  One of the greatest revelations my own shadow work has taught me is that trapped within my fears and wounds, was my unexpressed talents and highest potential.

If you are a woman who desires to explore and celebrate the deeper Feminine within, this program is for you. 

This workshop will be held at the historic house of the Gestalt Institute in Cleveland, Ohio. Here we will provide you with the tools to begin exploring, healing and integrating the trapped, wonderful, and unknown parts of yourself and support you to continue this work on your own after the workshop. 






Because the shadow is unconscious and sits outside our awareness, we can't use the conventional coaching tools of questions or assessments to access the shadow. The shadow, however, can be accessed through tools like art, non-dominant hand writing, and working with symbols and dreams.

The medium that Terri will teach you in the Feminine Shadow Work does not require any artistic experience. She will guide you through a mixed-media art journaling process. As we work with journal prompts - colors, symbols and images emerge. Over the course of the two days, meaning and understanding is deeply personal and layered onto your spread. This meaning continues to unfold even after the workshop.

You will leave with new tools, resources, and support for continuing this work on your own and with your coaching clients.

Participants completing this workshop will:

  • Deepen your self-understanding and self-discovery of your hidden feminine stories, treasures, and gifts
  • Learn and apply various art journaling and creative expression techniques to unlock your shadow parts
  • Experiment with different creative expressions and find ones that can be integrated into your personal practice
  • Leave this workshop with your own art journal spreads that shed light on your Feminine Shadow


  • The Gifts of Your Shadow
  • The Wisdom of the Womb
  • The Motherline
  • Healing the Divine Feminine Within


  • 2 days of inspiration and facilitated workshop time, including plenty of one-on-one time with Terri. We’ll kick off Monday at 9:00 and finish Tuesday at 4:00.
  • Mindfulness & body practices (including gentle movement, self-care, play, guided journeys, and reflection)
  • Mixed media & creative art journaling (You will learn to work with some really cool art supplies. You will have a simple supply list for what supplies you will need to bring such as photos, a favorite writing pen, etc.)
  • Reflective and fun ways to get in touch with your Feminine Shadow.
  • Endless inspiration and opportunities for joy!
  • Secret Facebook group for sharing your work and insights to keep your practice going after the program.

NO ART EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED. REALLY. Just two years ago, I would not have believed that I could be visually expressive. In the fall of 2015, I took a class on coaching & creativity which immediately resonated. I found myself uncovering new awareness and falling in love with materials I hadn't touched since kindergarten. But, when I returned home, I put away all of my workshop items (don't we often do this?) and got on with my life.

Then at the beginning of the new year, I was looking for a book on business planning and found "The Right Brain Business Plan". This earlier awakening in 2015, snapped to attention. I began using markers, colors, and collage to create the Women Connected vision and detailed plan. Now I got very curious! Could I bring this medium into my coaching programs and Women Connected Circles? I began googling visual journaling and eventually found my way to books, magazines, and websites on art journaling. I began buying different supplies and materials to practice what I was learning and integrated many of these practices into our first Women Connected Circle in 2016. To my awe, I personally began to experience inspiration that gently flowed through my hands and into a sacred parable.

Creativity is at the core of our authentic selves. A mixed-media approach invites each of us to be with our moment-to-moment becoming. In just two days, you will become adept at using a variety of tools like creating backgrounds, working with symbols, intuitive painting and drawing, blending in collage, and mark-making as your own instruments of discovery.



  • Do you have a bold and wild part of yourself that wants to be fully expressed?
  • Are you ready to see how the past is limiting your present?
  • Do you have a gnawing sense of blind spots that you can't quite put your finger on?
  • Do you sense that there is more than your external circumstances that are holding you back?
  • Do you want to release your voice and stop conflating, shrinking, or withdrawing?
  • Do you want to feel joyful and fully alive?
  • Are you ready to release your emotional armoring and allow your true self to show?
  • Do you have a yearning to connect with your deeper feminine nature?

During these two days, you will connect with your body and intuition, delve into your shadow parts, discover your forgotten gifts, and change your self-limiting stories. 

Limited seats. Register today.  (Scholarships are available.  Contact to apply.)


Terri has created one of the best online learning platforms I have experienced. She is an excellent coach, facilitator, and learning leader and throughout the course she gently guided us through our personal development journey. The tools and resources she created allowed all of us to have a safe space to do some really deep work. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone that might feel stuck in life or is ready to tackle that self-improvement goal that has proven to be elusive. She is the best!” --Linda D., Leadership Coach

I have found that women can find it difficult to have relationships that are non-judgmental, authentic and supportive with other women. When they do have those relationships it is often with people who are/have experienced a similar path in life with them and the relationships are more surface than profound. Women connected hits this issue at the core. 

Through the design of the program and caring facilitation of Terri, our cohort forged relationships within the first few sessions. Women where sharing things they had not told even their “closest” friends and a special “trust” was born. With all our differences, we connected in a new way. One month I was a buddy with a Buddhist Priest from San Francisco, the next with a Consultant in Utah and the next a recent MBA graduate from London. These relationships supported the foundations of all the work we did, which was very important work but admittedly would not have been as impactful had I just done it alone. 

There is just something so powerful about women including other women in their lives in this way and taking this life lesson journey together. I am grateful to Terri for putting this outstanding program together, her fantastic facilitation and all my cohort friends for our new relationships. There is magic when women from different countries, different stages of life and different socio-economic groups come together in this way. It is a real gift that Terri has given us! .” --Rosie, A., Director OD

"Terri is a delight to work with, a great facilitator and coach. She is professional, gives expert advice and support in a friendly and empowering way. I joined a Women Connected Programme and it was an amazing 6 months journey of self-discovery, sharing with and learning from other women. Thank you Terri for using your passion to help women to develop and empower them to thrive in their personal and professional lives." --Gbemi Akojenu

I'm so honored to have met Terri! It warms my heart to see how much she cares about people. She has inspired me to go after my dream. She has given me the tools to conquer it, and I can't thank her enough!!! Since her class I have decided to live a life with no regrets! I want to live free, bold and sometimes daring (like King Julian in that picture I sent you :-) I know I'll fall down, I know I'll get hurt, I know sometimes I'll disappoint people, but now I'm OK with that. Because of the values work she taught me, I'm figuring out when it's best to forge ahead and not look back, when it's best to jump in with both feet (or not) and when it's better to say "no" and go another direction." --Angela H, Author

Working with Terri is engaging in honest, open, and meaningful conversations that expand and create a vision of what’s possible. I gave myself a wonderful gift when we started our mastermind, she’s a living proof of the power of women joining together in intentional conversations, supporting each others' goals, and expecting the best of one another. I’ve heard her facilitating women’s groups and applaud the way she encourages amazing, purpose-seeking women to live the life of their dreams.” 

--Olimpia Mesa, CEO/Founder at Book to Course

"I sought out working with Terri at a point in my life where I realized I needed to make a significant change of direction in my life and career. It was time to learn to contribute back to the greater good from my heart, not my head. Terri taught me to look deeply inside myself for the answers, and to trust who I am in my reinvention. Her valuable knowledge, training as a coach, but most of all, her compassion and personal authenticity made this an enriching process of personal growth for me, and allowed me to unhook from so many fears and insecurities that I had been carrying for too long! --Connie O., University Professor and Consultant


We never know what will happen in life. We get that. Once you hit the “register” button, our wheels start turning and we are spending money to make this a great experience for you. For that reason, there are no refunds. We will gladly allow you to transfer your registration to someone else or another program.

Cancellations: You can cancel the program at any time and we will stop your payments.

Custom/extended payment plans: We cannot offer any payment plans other than what you see on this page because of the work and administrative tracking.


This program is designed to help you find some artful strategies to know yourself better and play with the many layers of your Feminine Shadow. Although it can be therapeutic, the program is not therapy and does not replace work you would do with a therapist. Those in crisis, who are victims of child abuse, have unhealed trauma, or are struggling with addictions would do best to seek professional help first. If you’re not sure if you’re ready for this program and are already working with a therapist, ask your therapist about joining this program.

Terri Altschul
Terri Altschul
Founder Women Connected & ICF Professional Certified Coach

Welcome to the Women Connected School!

I'm Terri Altschul.  I am an Integral Coach, a group facilitator, mentor, blogger, art-journaler, wife, mom, feminist, continuous learner, and Founder of WomenConnected. net. 

Having grown up in a man's world (3 brothers, 3 sons, and a career on Wall Street), I began to yearn for a personal and professional lifestyle that included the company of women.  

This yearning led to the founding of Women Connected in 2015.  I am so passionate about women's potential and feel fulfilled and blessed when supporting women to let their voices be heard, shed the stereotypes that fit like a tight girdle, and bring their own passions and talents into the world.  

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