Women Connected Circles

A 6-Month Online Women's Circle | taught by Terri Altschul

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Could you benefit from an engaged, supportive, positive-vibes only,

 group of women who want YOU to be the best YOU possible?

Are you looking to develop your consciousness, care, and compassion for ALL aspects of yourself?

Women Connected Circles is a unique experience of self-learning while forming relationships with a small group of women.

Each month, Terri will take you on a guided journey with a specific theme, online materials, a unique journal with exercises, and conscious choices you can apply in your life.

The basis of our interactions will will be learning, applying, and working with 6 topics central to elevating your energy, self-discovery, connection with other women, and releasing your creative life force.

On these journeys we reconnect with the feminine within us, our core purpose, and our dreams. We look at the stories and beliefs that have shaped the women we are today and we are empowered to expand and revise these stories.

We come to a deeper appreciation of how our female biology changes over time, and we learn the skills to navigate those transitions by reaping the lessons, grieving the losses, and embracing new beginnings.

We have intentional conversations and hold the voice of each woman in the Circle as sacred as we offer encouragement, ideas, and personal stories.

Women Connected Circles is a transpersonal journey of emotional healing, empowerment, and honoring the sacred within ourselves, each other, and all of life.

We do all of this online, from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.


Women Connected Circles are an opportunity to learn and grow in the context of relationships with other women. Learning with others provides us the chance to be mirrored, to be seen and heard (deeply important human needs) and to be supported as life coincides with our Women Connected Circles work.

Terri creates a safe container for self-learning and holds a vision for each woman to safely explore the learning that each topic holds for her. Terri models and teaches sacred witnessing as part of the Women Connected Circles curriculum.

During each of the six months, we begin a new module/topic. This topic is supported by a Journal where you can take notes and reflect on your experiences, and specially designed activities called Circle Accelerators.

The cadence for each new topic is a cycle of beginnings, enriching our experiences, and then closing.

Prior to the Live Gathering:  At the end of the previous topic, the new module is released is in your course. It contains the self-work that you will do during the month prior to coming together for the Live Gathering. Self-work includes a variety of activities that allow you to reflect on who you are becoming through journal work and creative and written exercises. There is also the opportunity to share what you're learning through the online discussion threads if you choose.

During the Live Gathering: The Live Gathering is the culmination of the self-work done. During the Live Gathering, we meet on webcams and work in a Circle fashion. Our Circle time is filled with intention, purpose, and respect for the Circle process and members. Each Circle is opened with a meditation or mindfulness practice to help us set our intention for our time together. Each woman checks in about how she is coming into the Circle, she shares her personal intention for our time together, and asks for the kind of support she'd like for this time.

More than half the time on a Live Gathering is spent sharing the self-work from the Circle Accelerators and integrating these learning through In-Circle activities.

Each Circle is closed with a meditation or mindfulness practice.

After the Live Gathering:  To fully integrate the learnings from the Circle, each topic has Journal work to complete the process.


  1. 6 modules and accompanying journals of creative exercises, journal prompts, and space for your own unique expression.
  2. 6, 2-hour Live Gatherings corresponding to the monthly module where you will have the opportunity to share your insights and learn from the insights of the other women in the Circle.
  3. Private Facebook group for discussions.
  4. Each month you will delve into a new topic!
  5. Discounted add-on private coaching available.


Terri Altschul
Terri Altschul
Founder Women Connected & ICF Professional Certified Coach

Welcome to the Women Connected School!

I'm Terri Altschul.  I am an Integral Coach, a group facilitator, mentor, blogger, art-journaler, wife, mom, feminist, continuous learner, and Founder of WomenConnected. net. 

Having grown up in a man's world (3 brothers, 3 sons, and a career on Wall Street), I began to yearn for a personal and professional lifestyle that included the company of women.  

This yearning led to the founding of Women Connected in 2015.  I am so passionate about women's potential and feel fulfilled and blessed when supporting women to let their voices be heard, shed the stereotypes that fit like a tight girdle, and bring their own passions and talents into the world.  

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