The Women Connected Experience

Lead unabashedly...have your voice from your core values... release outdated expectations... uncover limiting beliefs... free yourself from the constraints of pleasing and perfection...transcend social conventions about the body, image, age, and gender...create a life that works for you and more...

All this and more awaits you at Women Connected.

You can expect to be supported in achieving your goals, find balance in your life, experience transformation and growth, contribute meaningful work in the world, and experience the giving and receiving of support.

  • Women Connected Circles

    Deeper connections, purposeful conversations, and the power to move your dreams into motion - all this and more awaits in you a WC Circle.

  • Online Classes

    Support your growth and transformation with online classes that support your well-being and personal and professional expression in the world.

  • Private Coaching

    Increase self-awareness, see your thinking patterns, release unconscious beliefs, and create new healthy habits through one-on-one coaching.

Upcoming Women Connected Circle

See past the filters and expectations of who you have been told to be and define what it means to be a woman on your own terms.

This is the work of our Circle. Over the course of six modules, you will explore your ever-evolving nature and define what it means for you to be a woman at this time and in this stage of your life.

Sometimes we will be doing reflective, inner work. Sometimes we will be working on outer, practical skills.  And often, we will be working at the boundary of where our inner self and outer life meet. 

Introducing the Women Connected Membership


The Women Connected Membership is an eco-system for personal and professional development.   Membership unlocks monthly Women Connected Circles and online classes that will nurture your personal and professional growth.  Each month, you'll receive new teachings,  journal prompts, inspirational content, and live interactions.


Exclusive New Series

Available Only to Community Members

Her Realized Best Self

Become the Fullest Expression of Your Potential

This program is a journey on the path of feminine individuation. Each month you will explore an aspect of potential and self-expression (both personal and professional) through reflection questions, online content, community discussion, and live calls with Terri.

What Women Are Saying...

“Terri is a terrific coach and mentor, and her work as a leader of this course brings a powerful addition to her portfolio. Terri brings her years of experience in organizational development and personal development to create an experience that is meaningful, impactful and customized to your very own needs.”

Linda H. Physician

“Working with Terri is engaging in honest, open, and meaningful conversations that expand and create a vision of possibilities. I gave myself a wonderful gift when we started our mastermind, and she’s living proof of the power of women joining together in intentional conversations, supporting each others' goals, and expecting the best of one another.”

Olimpia Mesa, Author Books to Courses

“I'm so honored to have met Terri! It warms my heart to see how much she cares about people. She has inspired me to go after my dream. She has given me the tools to conquer it, and I can't thank her enough!!! Since her class, I have decided to live a life with no regrets! I want to live free, bold, and sometimes daring.”

Angela H., Author

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