Are Your Ready...

To define who you are at this stage of your life?

To experience a greater, more fulfilling expression of your gifts and talents?

To release inherited constructs and discover hidden potential?  

To connect with, hear, and honor that still small voice within you?

To live the big picture for your life?

To make a profound impact in the world?

A New Women Connected Coaching Circle

A Woman's Journey to Expressing Her Full Potential

Whether you are looking for something new, making a transition driven by external factors, or wanting to see the big picture so you can make informed decisions. You will:

  • Clarify your hopes and dreams
  • Identify your stage of change/transition
  • Assess your needs, values, and strengths
  • Excavate and express hidden potential
  • Develop new perspectives and skills
  • Make career decisions in the larger context of your life
  • Create development and action plans
  • A Cohort Experience

    A Small Group of 6-10 Women With Whom You Will Build Lasting Relationships

    • 6 Content Modules

      Receive building blocks of our coaching program every month. With each module, you will have online content, reflection questions, and preparation for the Zoom call.

    • Live Zoom Gatherings

      Participate in 6 bi-monthly group Zoom calls where Terri helps you deepen, personalize, and activate what you've been learning through the content modules.

    • Private Coaching

      Six 30-minute private coaching sessions with Terri to help you design experiments that will uniquely support you to realize the fullest expression of your potential.

    Our Circle Topics

    NEW BEGINNINGS - Building the foundation for Powerful Circles.

    Building the foundation of trust within our cohort and temporary group structures.

    SEASONS OF MY LIFE - Emerging into Authenticity and Building Trust Through Sharing.

    Everything moves in cycles and stages.  We go on a journey from there to here and learn how our past informs the present as you create a concentrated autobiography of your life.

    CALLING ON PURPOSE - Looking Inward for the Right Words to Express Our Purpose.

    We delve into our character strengths, core values, talents, gifts, and IKIGAI to bring articulation to our purpose at this stage of our life.

    MANIFESTING YOUR DREAMS - Looking Outward for an Expansive Expression of Our Gifts and Talents.

    Skillful action and skillful language bring the expression of our gifts in the outer world.  We introduce the human energy system to see where your energy supports expression globally and where there are blocks that need releasing.

    THE MYTHOLOGY OF ME - An Archetypal View of the Stories in Our Personal and Collective Unconscious.

    An archetype is a typical character, an action, or a situation that seems to represent such universal patterns of human nature that you would find it in different parts of the world, different cultures, and existing through centuries.  Nurture self-expression and self-care as you discover the 3 most active archetypes of your life and get to know one (or all!).

    CONSCIOUS ENDINGS - Navigating the Three Stages of Transition, We Delve Into the Pivotal Stage of Endings, Closure, and Letting Go.

    While endings can be a time of celebration, they can also be a time we don't want to face. You will learn the tools and processes that help you navigate the complex emotions which arise whether you are celebrating an ending or grieving one.


    Choose the Option That Works Best For You

    This Circle is For You!

    Whether you are seeking something new, making a transition, or coming to the end of a life phase.