"Persephone's gift is her ability to defy prevailing expectations of what she could be or do and instead answer an inner call to an uncharted path."  -- Carol Pearson

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Experience The Visual Journaler Process

Create new possibilities for your life as we explore Persephone, The Wayshower using the Visual Journaler process. Five weeks, online, video demos, writing and visual prompts, and live interactions with Terri.
Coming in September!

Releasing the Heroine Within

In my program "Love Your Inner Goddess", we explore the mother-daughter relationship of Persephone and Demeter. Over the past few months as I've personally continued the work in my visual journal, the theme of Persephone as a guide between two worlds has been emerging.

The story of Persephone recorded in pre-patriarchal times shows her as a woman of choice, rather than a victim.  In this version of the myth, Persephone recognized the beings in the underworld and felt compassion for them.  She saw they needed someone to care for them and chose to be their Queen.  

The inner world of the unconscious as represented by Persphone's descent into the Underworld - and the outer world of living life as represented in her return in the Spring.

My further research about this goddess has led me to see her in new lights...as a heroine, as a guide, and as an empowered woman rather than a victimized child.

Persephone's gift is her ability to defy the prevailing expectations of what a woman could be or do and instead answer the call to a path of her own.

The spirit of Persephone can be found in all nonviolent movements, and especially today in the #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, and LGBTQ movments.  Persephone embodies the spirit of liberation.  

The Persephone archetype energy helps us when we are feeling trapped or stuck in our direction.  She helps us see our world in new ways, to always be changing and growing, and to define our way forward in any given time or stage of life.

Five Chapters to Awaken Your Capacities and Potential

Using the Visual Journaler Process

Chapter 1:  Intro and Set-up

Chapter 2:  How the archetype of Persephone lives within you.

Chapter 3:  Persephone as a guide to the inner world of symbolic meaning.

Chapter 4:  Making choices to realize your destiny.

Chapter 5:  Experiencing radical belonging.

Chapter 6:  Unleashing your passions, focusing your actions.

Come Journey with Persephone

Discover the transformation that is awaiting for you!


What You'll Experience With This Program

  • Learn how Persephone lives within you and experience a process to release your creative potential

  • Use art and story to discover and express your inner world of symbolism

  • Release stuck energy to find a path to personal success and fulfillment

  • Learn the mixed media and writing techniques of the Visual Journaler process that will keep you exploring long after the program

  • Materials checklist, video demonstrations, writing and visual prompts, and live Q&A with Terri

  • No experience is necessary

  • Have fun!

Awaken Your Capacities and Potential!

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The "Nuts & Bolts"

  • Visual Journaling Techniques

    Work with acrylic paints and collage to create an interesting backgrounds, layers and a focal point within your spread. Learn how to do an image transfer, and stamps/stencils to incorporate healing symbols.

  • Video Demonstrations

    Each chapter will contain video demonstrations showing the mixed media and writing technqiues that Terri will be teaching.

  • The School Portal

    Access to our online portal where all your lessons are organized and accessible on any device 24/7. All you need is an internet connection.

  • Journal Writing Techniques

    Learn how to integrate inquiry, dialogue, imaginary conversations, and writing new narratives with your visual journal.

  • Layering Pyramids

    These downloadable worksheets integrate the entire lesson with step-by-step instructions as we move from art to writing to reflection and around again.

  • Downloadable Meditations

    Guided meditations of body-centered practices, creative visualization, and active imagination tools.

  • Lifetime Access

    As with all of the programs in The School, you will have lifetime access to the program and materials. The Live Interactions will only be available in August.


Terri Altschul

Your Guide for the Program

  • Terri Altschul

    Terri Altschul

    Integral Coach, Visual Journaler, and Founder of WomenConnected.net and PathworkCoaching.com

    I’m so glad you’re here! Drawing from 25 years as a leader in learning and leadership development, combined with her own depth work, Terri helps her clients push beyond the limits of outmoded patterns to access their highest power, impact and healing. Terri offers tools and practices that draw from coaching psychology, mindfulness, Jungian principles, and the visual arts. Terri’s creates safe space as she works with you, guiding you into multiple ways of knowing yourself. This may include holding liminal space, embracing ancient wisdom, shadow work, and creative expression. Her work is focused on the inner knowing and the nurturing of an inner wholeness, which creates a deeper connection with self and others. Terri’s coaching background is an integral, whole person approach. Terri helps clients to see that their mind-emotions-body-relational field-shadow are all integrated and that changes in any one area impacts all the domains of life.

Persephone - The Way of Transformation

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