"All those who are willing to face the darkness, bring the best of themselves to the light" --from the movie, A Wrinkle in Time

What if the Shadow is really the doorway to  the soul? Shadow work invites you to go into the repressed aspects of the persona or subconscious where your gifts can be revealed and deeper healing can occur. In this 4-week Inner Journey of Art Journaling program,  Terri guides you through this integration process where true transformation takes place.  

With Terri Altschul

Integral and Creativity Coach, Art Journaler, Facilitator, and Experience Designer

Terri teaches women to live their own inner truth by shedding their inherited cultural stories, discovering their own deeply held values and ways of being, waking up their creative power, conceiving their own vision of what they contribute to the world, and working in partnership with men to help our ailing planet through coaching and creativity.
With Terri Altschul

A Coaching + Art Journaling Approach

Do you find yourself with a goal or something you want to move forward in your life but something is holding you back? In "Seeking Light & Shadow" we get out of our thinking minds, and using art journaling, allow unconscious material (what's hidden in shadow) to surface. Here we combine writing, art journaling, imagery, creative visualizations, and self-dialogue to draw out answers and insights.
A Coaching + Art Journaling Approach

Is Shadow the Doorway to the Soul?

Discover the Answers Within You

In this Inner Journey of Art Journaling program, Terri will guide you each step of the way through video, audio, and examples.

  • Begin to recognize the tension that signals new awareness wanting to be seen, 
  • Learn to connect with your Inner Resources for guidance and insight,
  • Learn how to dialogue with yourself using color, symbols, and metaphor, 
  • Awaken hidden or forgotten parts and talents and reactivate them in your life,
  • Go at your own pace.  You will have lifetime access to the materials.

Here's What You'll Receive in the Program

A Magical Journey

  • An experienced guide who will take you step-by-step guide into the Inner Journey Process (tm)
  • Audio and video files with mindfulness practice and creative journeys
  • Progression videos to show you the techniques Terri uses in her art journal spreads (this is not to say that you need to do the same thing)
  • Learn basic art journaling techniques working with acrylics
  • Private Facebook group to ask Terri questions, peer support & sharing your work and insights
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • A transformational, accessible, and lasting way to integrate more creativity and self-awareness into your everyday life


With This Special Bonus

  • Guest Artist Marielle Stolp

    $300 value

    In this bonus program lesson, you will receive an ADDITIONAL art lesson to create a healing card. This personal card will be your touchstone for healing and moving forward. Marielle lives in the Netherlands and is a wonderful art journaler and mixed media artist!

The Shadow is Our Great Teacher

The Shadow Holds Our Greatest Treasure

When She is integrated, we live from our authentic Self!

Here's More of What You Can Expect

  • Prompts

    Combining writing and art journaling prompts, self-inquiry questions, and color prompts.

  • Meditations

    Terri's voice will guide you through visualizations and body-centered practices to support you connecting and staying grounded as you do this inner work.

  • Option for Private Coaching

    Need support to deepen the integration of your journey? Contact Terri for more information on pricing.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Legal stuff
    • Welcome to Seeking Light & Shadow
    • The Beginning of a Magical Journey
    • How I Create Experiential Learning Journeys by Blending Coaching, Art Journaling, and Guided Meditation
    • The Inner Journey of Art Journaling
    • Join the Facebook Group and Introduce Yourself
    • Program Supplies
    • Cool Art Tools for the Journey: Gesso, Scraping On Paint, and Baby Wipes
  • 2
    Test Drive Your Journal
    • Week One Letter from Terri
    • A Mindfulness Practice to Experience Your Journal Book With Your Senses
    • Practice - Your Color Palette
    • Practice - Colorful Language
    • Working With Card Decks
    • Creating Your First Spread - A Healing Symbol
  • 3
    The Invitation and The Medicine
    • Week Two Letter from Terri
    • ShadowTalk: The Hidden Potential In Your Shadow
    • Preparing Your Space