Deeper connections, purposeful conversations, and the power to ignite your dreams into motion.  You can expect to make profound changes when committed to the processes of Women Connected Circles.  

I invite you to find out just how good you can stand it!

Why Circles

Our society has lost the art of teaching young women to see, explore, and maintain their greatness and uniqueness. Instead, we fall into competing, striving for perfection (and, of course, failing). We fail to teach young girls the many changes they can expect over time as they mature, have children, and grow into elderhood and the value and contribution of these stages.

Instead, women are taught to look to societal norms for behaving and what they should pursue.  We expect the external world to give meaning to our lives through accomplishments and acquisitions.

The Circle is a collaborative conversational model.  We share and witness stories of great heart.

The Circle is a practice of reestablishing social partnerships and creating a world where collaboration informs and inspires the best in us.

The Circle is a social container where people’s most extraordinary clarity and most profound confusion show up.  Every person brings an energetic presence to the Circle as well as a verbal contribution.

Circle also prepares us to maintain calm and self-organization in times of transition, crises, and social change.

Circle provides a way for women to understand their drive for increased wholeness and trust the structure to hold them as they speak about what’s happening in moments of distress.

Circle creates the container to do the work of releasing our patterns and accessing our visionary potentials.

The Circle Structure

The Circle is a heart-held space. It has been the structure for women’s gatherings throughout time. It encourages inclusiveness, belonging, and trust-building. This most ancient social process welcomes everyone to equal participation. Women from all walks of life, all generations, and all cultures can participate in the same program. Their voices and the value of their contribution have intrinsic value and are not measured by hierarchy or assigned power.

Program Outline

    1. Download and Print Your Journal

    2. Complete Circle Accelerator #1: All About Me!

    3. Complete Circle Accelerator #2: Who I Am Becoming

    4. Attend New Beginnings Live Gathering

    5. In Circle Activity: Building Trust Together

    6. In Circle Activity: Capturing What Matters Most To Me

    7. In Circle Activity: My Commitments

    8. Share and Discuss: Who I Am Becoming

    9. Share and Discuss: Capturing What Matters Most

    10. Share and Discuss: My Commitments

    1. Download and Print Journal: Seasons of My Life

    2. Read: Archetypes As Guides

    3. Circle Accelerator Part 1: Create a Mandala

    4. Circle Accelerator Part 2: The Season of Your Life

    5. Attend Live Gathering

    6. Post Live Gathering: What Matters Most

    1. Download and Print Journal: Calling On Purpose

    2. Core Questions on the Seasons of Life Spiral

    3. Circle Accelerator Part 1: Shaping Your "Why"

    4. Circle Accelerator Part 2: Connecting with your Character Strengths

    5. Circle Accelerator Part 3: Connecting With Your Passions

    6. Circle Accelerator Part 4: Your Enneagram Profile

    7. Circle Accelerator Part 5: Pulling It All Together - Creating Your Core Purpose Message

    8. Circle Accelerator Part 6: Create a Visual or Embodiment of Your Core Purpose Message

    9. Prepare and Attend Live Gathering

    1. Download and Print Journal: Manifesting Your Dreams

    2. Circle Accelerator 1: Brainstorm Your Dreams

    3. Circle Accelerator 2, Part 1: The Stories That Have Shaped Your Life

    4. Circle Accelerator 2, Sacred Witnessing

    5. Circle Accelerator 2, Part 3: Processing Your Buddy Sharing

    6. Circle Accelerator 2, Part 4: Creating Your Elevator Pitch

    7. Attend Live Gathering

    1. Download and Print Journal

    2. Circle Accelerator 1: You and Your Mother

    3. Circle Accelerator 2: You and Your Father

    4. Circle Accelerator 3: Writing Your Personal Myth

    5. Listen: Another woman's Personal Myth

    6. Attend: Live Gathering

    7. Reflect and Discuss: My Underlying Beliefs

    8. Share: The Giving and Receiving of Sacred Witnessing

    1. Download: Conscious Endings Journal

    2. Circle Accelerator 1: The Five Movements of a Conscious Ending

    3. Circle Accelerator 2: Sharing a Virtual Potluck Meal

    4. Circle Accelerator 3: Sitting in "The Seat of Honor"

    5. Circle Accelerator 4: Preparing for the Closing Ceremony

    6. BONUS: Releasing Practices

    7. BONUS: The Art of Letting Go

About this program

  • 6 x $45.00
  • 47 lessons
  • 6 Beautiful Journals
  • 6 Monthly Circle Calls

Included with your program

  • 6 Modules

    Each month a new module is released with creative exercises and online content to take you on an inner journey of reflection.

  • 6 Journals

    Each journal is beautifully designed for the month's theme. You can download and print the journal or use it right online.

  • 6 Live Circle Calls

    Terri facilitates a live Circle Call each month where you will reflect, share your insights, learn from the other Circle members.

Community Engagement

Meaningful Exchanges

Connect with other program members, share your wisdom, learn from others, appreciate diversity, and foster belonging in our private (not Facebook) Community.

Pricing options

Save $30 when making a one-time payment.

Your Circle Guide

Terri Altschul

Terri is a Professional Certified Coach, Circle Facilitator, Creator of The Visual Journaler, and change catalyst who creates pathways of transformation for women through Women Connected Circles, Online Courses, Visual Journaling, and the Women Connected Community. 

Terri held senior leadership positions in Leadership and Organizational Development in Fortune 100 companies during her corporate career.  Today, she is in private practice as an executive and leadership coach with more than 5,000 coaching hours.

In 2012, Terri moved through three powerful and life-changing gateways simultaneously:  the high school graduation of her youngest child, the passing of her mother, and the onset of a parasitic infection, which would have long-term effects. 

Terri is devoted to guiding others to their inner knowing through depth coaching, visual journaling, mindfulness, and lots of love & bravery.

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