Terri Altschul

My mission is to support and guide women as they make the journey to fully expressing their potential.

I provide online courses and coaching to empower women to be their best selves, develop their creativity, and reconnect with the Feminine.

I understand from personal experience what it means to be a woman and working mom in our modern world. I worked in senior leadership positions on Wall Street, with high travel, for 20 years while raising three sons. I experienced the role expectations for working moms and know first-hand the challenges when a woman steps outside of those expectations. 

My coaching practice is an extension of 30 years in the field of Learning, Leadership & Organizational Development in Fortune 100 companies, the creative practice I have cultivated over the past ten years, and the integration of my life's journey.

I'm a certified professional coach through the International Coach Federation and have more than 5,000 coaching hours coaching leaders from high potentials to executives.